Mehndi Henna Tradition
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One hand Small Design

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Tattoo style (small design)

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Tattoo style (small design) Both Hands Up

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Full Feet Up To Ankle

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Both hand full (Simple Design)

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Both hand full (Full design)

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Both Hand - Elbow (Simple Design)

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Both hand - elbow (Full design )

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Both hand - shoulder (Simple design)

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Both hand - shoulder (Full design)

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What is henna?

Henna is a flowering plant. The leaves are dried and ground into a fine powder. This powder is mixed with water, eucalyptus oil, tea, coffee, and then you apply the henna to a surface like the palm of your hand, the bottom of your feet, or anywhere on your body. Leave the henna on for as long as possible, up to 48 hours. When it dries and crumbles off, the skin will have darkened to auburn, orange, red, or brown.


The term " Mehndi" is the Indian word for Henna, and it is also the term used to describe the art of applying henna. It is also used for dying hair and to color nails.

Henna Side Effects

Henna is regarded to be 100% safe to use on the skin and there are no chemicals added. Traditionally it was used for its medicinal purposes. Allergies are only likely to occur when the fresh natural powder has been mixed with chemicals or synthetic products which may lead to rashes, scars and skin reactions.

Black Mehndi

Henna is NOT black. If someone offers you something called "Black Henna", it is NOT henna. If someone has something that stains skin black, it is NOT henna. The black dye is probably para-phenylenediamine, also known as PPD, and that can hurt you and cause a severe reaction in some people. 


  • AED 30 for a One hand Small Design ( 40% off )
  • AED 60 for a Tattoo style (small design)+Both Hands Up ( 40% off )
  • AED 150 for a Both hand full (Full design) ( 40% off )
  • AED 250 for a Both Hand - Elbow (Simple Design) ( 44% off )
  • AED 300 for a Both hand - elbow (Full design ) ( 33% off )
  • AED 400 for a Both hand - shoulder (Simple design) ( 27% off )
  • AED 450 for a Both hand - shoulder (Full design) ( 25% off )
  • AED 100 for a Full Feet Up To Ankle ( 33% off )
  • AED 39 for a Tattoo style (small design) ( 51% off )
  • AED 120 for a Both hand full (Simple Design) ( 52% off )


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Great Service And friendly staff
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Maria is very sweet and did an amazing job with the botox and hair cut. Appreciate her taking time to make sure everything was done perfectly! Mani/pedi also great. Overall, very friendly atmosphere and great deals. Keep it up! Professional hair products · Fantastic haircuts · Affordable haircuts · Great deals
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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" A renowned hidden gem, pampered me for the evening with a hair makeover and Mani-Pedi ... The Staff are very friendly and spread a positive vibe around them. Ambience is great and completely a beauty Lounge to be at... Services, Packages n rates are very reasonable and a Must Try for anyone who loves being pampered ... Thank you #MirrorsBeautyLounge for this opportunity I definitely had a lovely makeover and some Vow moments to share with my family n friends ! Note : This is not a paid review !

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