Mirrors Beauty Lounge is ever expanding the menu of services includes manicures, pedicures, luscious hand and foot therapies, full body waxing, eyebrow threading, lash extensions, and soothing full body massages

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we can guarantee you will be delighted by the range of services offered at Mirrors Beauty Lounge along with the renowned product ranges hand-picked from around the Dubai.

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Mirrors Beauty Lounge offers you a complimentary hair consultation to discuss the best service or color or style that suits your lifestyle or special occasion

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Whether you are seeking a relaxing facial or want to enhance your features with semi-permanent make up, our expert therapists are able to customise exactly the right treatment for you.

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Our deep skin cleansing will hydrate your pores & removes dirt, dead skin and other germs clogged in your skin pores. In short it will remove years from your facial in an hour.

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Hair threading is an all-natural process; so no chemicals are needed. Threading is safe for those who have sensitive skin and have severe reactions to waxing.

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nail enhancement

We do nail art, nail extension and other nail services using genuine colors and products suitable to your choice and feelings.

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We do all type of waxing using genuine and quality products of fruit waxes to feel you more natural skin with least discomfort. We promise that you will experience differently in our salon with complete satisfaction.

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Massage improves circulation, which brings fresh oxygen tobody. This can assist the elimination of waste products, speed healing after injury, and enhance recovery from disease.

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